Words and imagery are central to my life as a creative thinker.  I've been lucky to live in London and work for the UK's The Guardian & Observer and later The Economist in Melbourne. I write personal essays and travel, including editorial illustration, for national and regional newspapers and magazines - online and print. I also have a paper product line Libertus Fine Letterpress, sold in Paper Ya and Dandelion Kids, Vancouver.


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The sky grew dark and the air turned unseasonably cool-yet the embers of the monolith's backside only gained in intensity, illuminating our site with the power of 10 full moons.  Flush with Nature on Orcas, published in The Georgia Straight.

'Nipple Anyone?' delves into the murky waters of the origins of Australian English.

 'Antipodean' means 'having the feet opposite’ and this couldn’t be more accurate as I straddled the Aussie-Canadian cultural divide, in A Canadian Digs DownUnder.